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  • Adolescent Counseling

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    Teenagers, Teenagers!

    Whether they are angry, defiant, and breaking all the rules, or sad, depressed, anxious, and shy, adolescents can benefit so much from counseling and therapy. Adolescence is such an important time for growth and development– emotional, social, and physical–a time when teens are practicing and becoming more of whom they will be in the adult world. Parents can learn more effective ways of working with their adolescents and enjoy a closer bond with them. This makes the whole atmosphere of the house calmer and more enjoyable.

    School problems, friend problems, cutting and other forms of self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual acting out, bullying and teasing, depression, and anxiety–these are all things to which adolescents are vulnerable. Adolescent problems like these can be both frustrating and frightening to parents. And to the teens themselves, although they often don’t want you to know that. Here’s the good news:

    Change happens! Things can get better!

    As an adolescent and family therapist, I’m happy to help you and your teen sort things out and get back on track. Just contact me to talk a bit about your teen and to schedule an appointment.