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  • Blended family book for children–just released!

    There are plenty of picture books for children whose parents have gone through divorce.  But what about the children that come later?  These are the little “ours” children in the “yours, mine, and ours” families of modern times.  These little ones have questions of their own about where their older half-siblings go, who this other parent is, what makes a “real” parent versus a “step” parent and so on.  Where Do My Brother and Sister Go?
    is written just for them!  With simple language, and heartwarmingly beautiful illustrations of contemporary family life, this book answers questions, explores feelings, and reminds everyone in a blended or stepfamily what really matters the most.


    Advance Praise for Where Do My Brother and Sister Go?
    “Kids have questions.  Kids in complex families have unique questions.  Dr. Camden’s book, Where Do My Brother and Sister Go? has answers.  Better even still, it gets parents and kids talking about the realities of their family which moves a child’s heart closer to their parent.  This book is well worth reading together!”
    –Ron L Deal, LMFT
    bestselling author of The Smart Stepfamily


    “Where Do My Brother and Sister Go? does an outstanding job of helping children understand and cope with being part of a stepfamily.  Colorful and engaging, ti has just the right tone for young children.  This book makes shared parenting and half-siblings easy to understand, and reinforces the routines and comfort of secure attachement.  The section ofr parents is practical, well informed, and ultimtely reassuring.  Recommended for parents and therapists alike.”

    –Shelly Smith-Acuna, Ph.D.
    author of Family Systems Theory in Action:  Applications to Individual,Couple, and Family Therapy
    Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver


    Where Do My Brother and Sister Go? provides young children and stepfamilies a wonderful means to discuss an important but often overlooked issue, namely what “ours babies” think and feel about being in a stepfamily.  The book illustrates common and important issues for these families.  Where Do My Brother and Sister Go? will be useful for both the public and psychotherapists.”

    –James H. Bray, Ph.D.
    Author of Stepfamilies:  Love, Marriage and Parenting in the First Decade
    Professor at Baylor College of Medicine
    Former President of the American Psychological Association


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