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  • Divorce & Parenting Plan Mediation

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    Preparing for mediation:  You will fill out just a brief form prior to our mediation date with simple demographic information and a statement for you to read about the way mediation works. While it is not required, if you wish, you may provide a brief and confidential mediation statement or position statement to help Dr. Camden understand your position and goals.  If you are coming to mediation with your attorney, he or she may prepare this statement for you.  If you are not represented by an attorney, or pro se, you are welcome to write up your thoughts and present them on your own.  It’s best to think in terms of  the changes and improvements you need and want to see rather than a very specific and rigid outline of demands.  Mediation is a creative, flexible, brainstorming kind of process and surprising and unpredictable ideas and solutions can emerge if we keep an open mind in the mediation process.

    Fees for mediation:  Dr. Camden requires a minimum of a two-hour commitment for the mediation process, payable at or before the beginning of the mediation session.  The hourly fee for mediation is $285.  Mediation is not mental health care and is not covered by health insurance.  If you are to pay a particular percent of the mediation, which is often the case in divorce-related mediation, please notify Dr. Camden of this and be sure the other party is aware of his or her percentage.

    While it is fine to write a check or pay in cash for mediation, most people find it more convenient to use a credit card, particularly if we are mediating remotely online.  (And by the way, about mediating online, Dr. Camden uses a professional-grade Zoom account that provides a higher level of confidentiality than basic or free accounts.)  If you would like to use a credit card, please see the following information.

    Using Ivy Pay for credit card processing: Most of Dr. Camden’s clients opt to pay for services using Ivy Pay although cash, check, or retainer are also fine.  Ivy Pay is a HIPAA-compliant credit card processing application.  Dr. Camden will text you a link to Ivy Pay on your cell phone.  You go to the link, put in your credit card information, and pay for the first session.  From then on, Dr. Camden can bill your card directly for services.  Any time there is a charge entered on your card, you will immediately get a notifying you. You can always ask Dr. Camden about a charge that comes through if it does not make sense to you. Below is more information about how Ivy Pay protects your private information:

    Ivy Pay Security Guide:  Ivy Pay is HIPAA-secure, using technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to protect your patient health information.   Ivy Pay goes a step further and protects the confidentiality of the therapeutic relationship so it is not revealed.  Ivy Pay uses advanced security systems and data encryption to protect you and guard against unauthorized transactions and access to your personal or financial information.  Your financial information is encrypted, stored, and protected on secure servers. On the web, SSL is active. Ivy Pay to ensures that the system meets and exceeds security industry standards and best practices.