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  • Family Counseling

    Nothing is more powerful than our family relationships.  They influence who we are and what we become.  When family relationships are good, they bring joy and comfort.  And when they are damaged, those relationships can cause a lot of pain.  Whether the problem is with siblings, parent and child, or some other family configuration, most people seeking healthier, closer family relationships can benefit from family therapy.

    Common reasons for seeking family therapy include:

    • Parent-child conflict
    • Problems between adult siblings
    • Aging family members
    •  Loss of a family member
    • Adoption-related issues

    Some positive amily therapy outcomes may include:

    • Improved communication, clarity, and mutual understanding
    • Strategies to develop and maintain boundaries
    • More closeness and empathy 
    • Better problem-solving 
    • Reduction in family conflict

    When we work on our family relationships, we grow individually as well as collectively.  Even if all family members do not participate, the members who do can bring increased health and options into the larger family system.  Changing the ways we interact in our family even a little bit can be very powerful.  Let me know how you are hoping I can help you with your family member or members by clicking on the Contact box below.