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    Life can be a lot sometimes. Maybe you are going through a tough divorce, loss of a loved one, stressful time at work, trouble with the kids or a rocky relationship.

    If you find yourself feeling any of the following:

    •   Inability to shut your mind off at night
    •   Stuck in your relationships, life, or career
    •   Depressed at where life has brought you and wanting your life to be defined by the future, not the past
    • Anxious, tired, or just always stressed. . .

    Some health and wellness support could help. If you have the desire to make a change but have been unable to, then let’s think about working together. As a clinical psychologist, trauma expert, and yoga therapy practitioner, I can offer you quite a few ways to approach your stress with mindfulness and self-compassion. I’m happy to talk with you about what you are hoping to ease in your life and how we might work together to accomplish that.