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  • Parenting Coordination/Decision Making

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    The basics:  Parenting Coordination/Decision Making is a court-appointed role.  That means you need to get the court to make an order appointing Dr. Camden as your PC/DM (or, in some cases, just PC).  The more specific the order is, the better the whole process will work.  Whether your attorney is writing up a proposed order for the judge or magistrate to sign or you are writing it up yourself, makes sure it includes Dr. Camden’s name specifically as the appointed PC/DM, how long the appointment is for (the maximum it can be by law is 24 months), that the parties agree to cooperate with the terms of Dr. Camden’s PC/DM contract, and who is responsible for what percentage of the fees.  It is very important that if you are asking for Dr. Camden to be your Decision Maker as well as Parenting Coordinator, you write out in your proposed order exactly what areas of decision-making you and your co-parent are agreeing to allow Dr. Camden to make Decisions about if necessary.  The four main areas are education, healthcare, extracurricular activities, and religion.  Dr. Camden has broken down those categories into even smaller chunks.  So, the best thing to do is ask Dr. Camden for a copy of her PC/DM contract BEFORE you send in your proposed order of appointment to the court.  That way, you can look at all the areas of Decision Making on the contract and decide jointly which you agree to appoint Dr. Camden to handle.  You may think of other areas as well, and that is fine, as long as they fall within the authority of the DM role.  For example, the DM should not, by law, make major changes to the parenting time schedule

    Fees for PC/DM work:  The fee for PC/DM services is $285 per hour.  In addition to fees for direct contact with you, Dr. Camden bills in tenths of an hour for services like reviewing documents, reading and responding to emails, consulting with collateral contacts, and writing Decisions, if necessary.  Unlike many PC/DM’s, Dr. Camden does not require a retainer upfront.  Instead, you will put a credit card on file to be used as charges come up.  The next session talks about Dr. Camden’s credit card processing system, Ivy Pay.

    Using Ivy Pay for credit card processing: Ivy Pay is a HIPAA-compliant credit card processing application.  Dr. Camden will text you a link to Ivy Pay on your cell phone.  You go to the link, put in your credit card information, and pay for the first session.  From then on, Dr. Camden can bill your card directly for services.  Any time there is a charge entered on your card, you will immediately get a notifying you. You can always ask Dr. Camden about a charge that comes through if it does not make sense to you. Below is more information about how Ivy Pay protects your private information:

    Ivy Pay Security Guide:  Ivy Pay is HIPAA-secure, using technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to protect your patient health information.   Ivy Pay goes a step further and protects the confidentiality of the therapeutic relationship so it is not revealed.  Ivy Pay uses advanced security systems and data encryption to protect you and guard against unauthorized transactions and access to your personal or financial information.  Your financial information is encrypted, stored, and protected on secure servers. On the web, SSL is active. Ivy Pay to ensures that the system meets and exceeds security industry standards and best practices