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    Yoga and Psychotherapy

    Yoga can be a beautiful and healing addition to psychotherapy.  Dr. Camden is a yoga teacher (RYT-200) with special focus on gentle yogic postures (asana), special yoga breathing techniques, kirtan chanting, and other meditation techniques to help you on your healing journey.  Don’t worry about working up a major sweat or being asked to do crazy-hard poses.  Yoga in psychotherapy is not a yoga class.  Rather, yoga will be gently incorporated into our work together in bits and pieces or in special separate sessions from our talk therapy.  No one ever has to do anything.  It’s all up to you and your comfort level.


    Kirtan is a form of meditative singing or chanting that comes from the bhakti yoga tradition.  Kirtan can be gentle, slow, and soft or loud, quick, fun, and joyful.  In kirtan, the words are less important than the tones and vibrations, which are repeated many times, often with swaying, dancing, or any other movement the body wants to do.  Kirtan is fun and healing, a joyful escape from ordinary thinking into a world of vibration, sound, and emotion.  Ultimately, kirtan allows us to connect directly with the great Life Force that infuses all of us and everything.  

    Dr. Camden leads kirtan for the community the first and third Sunday afternoons of the month through Third Eye Yoga, hosted at First Plymouth Congregational Church on Colorado and Hampden.   Classes are donation based and no one is turned away for lack of funds.  If you would like to try kirtan with Dr. Camden, you can register here:  #