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  • An Earth Child's Book for the Very Young

    Welcome to the world, little human! Delight in the natural world and the endless cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth is the theme of this book for very young children. Earth, air, fire, and water, the seasons, animals, birds, fish, human culture, all of these are laid out for little earth-lovers in the simplest terms and with heartwarming illustrations. Suitable for children of all ethnicities, races, and religions, this book will appeal especially to children growing up in earth-based families or other spiritual traditions that honor and celebrate the beauty and magic of the natural world.

    An Earth Child’s Book for the Very Young is the Third in the beloved Earth Child Series. Aesthetic lovers of naturecore, cottagecore, honeycore, and grandmacore will also take pleasure in the bucolic, pastoral, slightly magickal world of the Earth Children. See for information about An Earth Child’s Book of the Year and An Earth Child’s Book of Verse, as well as much interesting lore about the Celtic-influenced nature aesthetic for children.