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  • Nuts and bolts:  Once we have communicated and set up an initial appointment time, I will send you a link to my online portal.  There you will find all the forms you need in order to get started.  I will also text you a link from IvyPay, which is my HIPAA-secure, online credit card processing system.  You will be asked to put a card on file and pay for the first session in advance.  After that, any further sessions will be automatically charged to your card.  You will always receive a text notification of charges,  That way, if you have any questions, you will know right away and be able to contact me.

    Fees and insurance:  Fees are currently $240 for a regular 50-minute therapy or counseling session.  I charge $285 per hour for court-related services like Parenting Coordination/Decision Making, expert witness testimony, and PRE or CFI consultation.

    I do not work with any insurance companies and am no longer on any of the provider lists. PLEASE NOTE THAT I CANNOT LEGALLY WORK WITH YOU IF YOU ARE ON MEDICAID, EVEN IF YOU WISH TO PAY OUT OF POCKET.   Many of my clients have out-of-network benefits, and I can provide a superbill-type receipt that clients can submit to insurance to try to recoup some of their costs in therapy.

    No Surprises Act:  If you are a therapy or counseling client, you have a right under the No Surprises Act to an estimate of the total cost of your services.  This is discussed further in the opening forms you will complete.  Please note that this estimate is for your information only.  You are never obligated to complete more therapy or counseling services than you wish. I do not pre-sell “bundles” or “package,s” and you only pay for the therapy services you want.  There are sometimes additional fees, for example, if you ask me to communicate with another professional on your behalf or ask me to write a letter or report.  I am happy to discuss any questions you have about fees and the No Surprises Act and estimate.

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